Sunrise Chalet

The Sunrise Chalet is connected to the Sunset Suite Cabin. It is entered through the back of the cabin. There is an adjoining door allowing them to be rented separately or you can rent them both and open it up for additional space. (Rented occasionally by itself if the front is not rented). It is entered from the back and has a queen bed and lots of handmade cabinets, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room area and a bathroom. There is a TV with DVD player but not satellite/cable service. (There is internet). No pets are allowed in Sunrise Chalet.

Rates: Non-Peak Dates $90.00/night; Peak Dates $110.00/night; Rent Sunset Suite & Sunrise Chalet $185/night
(Flat Rate, No Cleaning Fee)

Non-Peak Season Dates

January 3 – March 3
March 25 – May 24
June 1 – June 9
August 16 – November 21
November 27 – December 19

Peak Season Dates

January 1 – January 2
March 4 – 24
June 10 – August 15
November 22 – November 26
December 20 – December 31